Holy Cow!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Organizing stamps...

Since moving to New Jersey and my new studio, I have been diligently working hard to get it set up as my sanctuary.  I was so delighted with this organization idea, I just had to share.  Back in my sardine can in Massachusetts, I had wanted something where I could "see" my wood stamps.  Space restraints made that impossible and they lived in a box, under my bed. 
And as we all know... outta sight, outta mind!
While shopping for something else at Loew's I spotted this expandable Shelf Organizer.  I did a double take as my mind was spinning and the wheels were turning.  It's wider than a spice organizer (I think it's meant for cans in your pantry), the depth of the shelf is 3.6".  Perfect, perfect, perfect to store many stamps on one shelf!
Because this shelf is in a cabinet with a glass door, I wanted to raise it up about two inches, so it could be seen when the door is closed.  I got one of the many empty moving boxes and cut a perfect sized base.  I even used my score tool to make the edges crisp for when I folded it over!  I then covered it with a pretty wrapping paper I found in the attic...
I am so delighted with this!  But the true test will be, does seeing it actually get these stamps used?  Only time will tell!  And I'll put my money on "YES!" ...


  1. Perfect for someone that does not unmount their stamps.

    1. Good point Cora! But I am so far away from even WANTING to unmount my stamps...

  2. wonderful idea...I have one of those and it will be great for my mounted stamps

  3. Love your idea of showcasing your stamps. Mine are in a drawer and I forget I have them. I will definitely get mine on a shelf in my new craft room when it is done. Great job Cindy!

  4. I'd have to agree that if they are right there, easy to get to and visible you'll be SO much more likely to use them. Looking forwrard to seeing more on your new crafty space Cindy. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!

  5. I think this is a great idea with so many different uses. One could store stamps, cards, and other supplies as well.

  6. You clever girl! And it looks great!