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Friday, March 27, 2015

Sidebar info from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

2017 Challenge: Make 5
Christmas Cards per month
January - 10
February - 13
March - 4
April - 9
May - 0 Wait, what?!!
June - 5
July - 4
August - 6
September - 3
October - 3
November - 25

2016 Challenge: Make 5

Christmas Cards per month
January - 14
February - 5
March - 5
April - 6
May - 6
June - 8
July - 15
August - 7
September - 5
October - 3
November - 47

2015 Challenge: Make 5
Christmas Cards per month
January - 5
February - 5
March - 8
April - 6
May - 3
June - 0
July - 20
August - 0
September - 0
October - 5
November - 15

2014 Challenge: Make 5
Christmas cards per monthJanuary - 6
February -6
March - 2
April - 5
May -5
June - 8
July - 8
August - 5
September -5
October -16
November - 48

2013 Challenge: Make 5
Christmas cards per month
January - 10
February -5
March - 1
April -5
May - 0 Ouch!
June - 0
July - 5
August - 7
September - 5
October - 5
November - 33 

I wanted to preserve the details from my sidebar AND clean up space on what people see on the Blog.  In 2013, this shows I slipped up in May and June and I remember feeling really bad.  But, come on Cindy Loo Who!  You were planning a wedding, a graduation AND a move.  It's surprising I was back in full swing by July... that deserves kudos!  :)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


There is a card I make that I've used as my sympathy card for the past five years.  However, recently, I found myself in a position to have to send a second sympathy card to the same family.  It made me realize that I need a back-up sympathy card...
I CASE'd this off something I saw on Pinterest.  It was relatively simple to do until I got to the beads.  Yowza!  The number of beads I needed (72 btw) made me make an emergency trip to Michaels because I ran out of this size... who'd a thunk it!
The diamonds were created by using my score board.  IF I make this again, I'll pay more attention to how many cross points there are...  LOL

Monday, March 23, 2015

Yay! Christmas!

I was struggling with this one and I really don't know why.  I took two prototypes to my crafting session yesterday and they helped me "see" what I wasn't liking.  THIS, I love!  This morning, I made six.  Add those to the two prototypes and I've completed eight for this month... another yay!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's kinda squirrely...

This is Jimmy Boombahtz.  He's the same squirrel that came into the new construction a couple years back one morning when Ernie and I were investigating.  He scared the crap outta me!  I couldn't stop screaming.  Ernie was screaming for me to leave the room and the squirrel was screaming because he wanted back out.  WHAT A RACKET!!
Anyway, we dubbed him "Jimmy Boombahtz" at that time.  Fast forward to January of this year and an OWH friend, Linda J, sent me a card from the perspective of the red squirrel in her yard in Minnesota.  With the help of the Ernman, we came up with a letter that would be in answer to her red squirrel from the perspective of our grey squirrel in our yard in New Jersey.
I purchased the image from Silhouette and we put together six Jimmy Boombahtz's.  The wood paper was something I found at Hobby Lobby just for this project and the burlap twine is something I sell in my Etsy shop.
We sent the card and letter on Monday and am hoping she has received it by now.  If not, DON'T tell her about this post.  Linda makes the most awesome cards and I think she'll be tickled when she gets this.  The other five will go in my current OWH box...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's Spring, right?!!

I needed a card, QUICK, to send to my Secret Sister in one of the groups I belong to on Facebook and I produced this.  Not bad, eh?
Our theme for the month is yellows, greens and flowers.  This is the first card I've sent to her that included all those elements on one card.  I stamped the stems on the white, then embossed the piece.  The only "stem" stamp I could find came from a Simon Says Stamp set called "Flower Friend" which came in one of those monthly kits they put out a couple years ago.  The sentiment is from the same set.  The flowers are mixed media flowers I made from deli paper...
This also fulfills a challenge to ink up a stamp you never inked before in Seongsook's Stampers (ANOTHER group of which I belong).  Although we didn't have as evil a winter here in Jersey as they had in Massachusetts, we're still looking forward to Spring... :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

March on... :)

I'm working very diligently on my first Operation Write Home box for 2015 so I can get it out this month and LOOK!  it's green.  :)
I've made this layout before but this is a first with green.  It's rather St. Patty's Dayish, wouldn't you say?  Or Spring.  Could be Spring.  Just sayin'...