Holy Cow!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Inevitable Scrappy Background

During those months that I visited South Bound Brook during the renovation, I spent many a weekend making Scrappy Backgrounds since there was very little else that could be done.  Fortunately for me, it is a task that I thoroughly enjoy.  I now have a pile of about fifty.  My
sister-in-law Donna is visiting for a huge family event this weekend and she asked if I could make her a couple cards to give to a friend in her church who would send them to shut-ins.  I gave her my pile of Scrappy Backgrounds and told her to pick some that appealed to her.  I then turned them into cards.  That was pretty fun!  I tried the Triple Time technigue with the one on the right, interesting effect I thought.  I like how rounding the corners and punching a border on the one on the left made for such a different look.  My brain is churning trying to come up with another group for her to take back before she leaves next Wednesday...


  1. Wow Cindy, I like your selection. I really like the triple time technique and I love the rounded corners. You go girl!!!
    I have been working all week using up scraps. None came out as pretty as yours!!

  2. I love the cards! You are so awesome with scraps! I got rid of most of my scraps to Colleen Pepper ---- then I went to a garage sale today with Raeanna and Lucinda Carmichael --- I bought tons of Stampin Up paper --- and there were scraps in each of the colors I bought! Saving them for you Cindy!

  3. Super nice! The rounded corner one is my fave. Tfs!!!

  4. Your cards are so cool looking! Love them all! ~ Marilyn

  5. This is so cool. I just posted a comment to someone that I could probably make 100 cards with all my scraps...Now I know I can!!! Super cards.

    1. I told a friend I'm not buying another craft item UNTIL I've made 100 cards... lol. Here's hoping we both succeed... :)