Holy Cow!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas is coming...

These are cards cut with my Silhouette!!  Woot, woot!  I have not used my Silhouette to it's fullest potential so this was quite exciting to complete.  AND, it fulfills my monthly challenge to make at least five Christmas cards a month.  I made SIXTEEN of these...

The tree is a semi-circle that the Silhouette cuts folding marks into so I'd know where to fold.  Pretty darn cute!  And quick...
But, I have to share about my paper choices.  I went to Michaels' and Hobby Lobby looking for Christmas paper pads with double-sided paper.  Could not find ANY, anywhere!  Are you kidding me?  These used to be a dime a dozen.  Apparently, not anymore!  My husband would say, "Follow the money..." and I guess he's right.  It must cost more to create a doubled-sided pad of paper than a single-sided pad of paper.  SO, the last three years when I was determined NOT to buy any of those double-sided pads until my three were gone, has turned out to be a bad idea... :(
Anyway, my friend Susan had some leftover double-sided pieces in her stash that she gave me to do this project.  Thank goodness she had something or these trees would have had alot of white showing...


  1. Great minds think alike. This tree is on my Christmas card swap and trying to find 2 sided paper IS impossible! Had 2 pads of SU paper from last year. Didn't like one (all blues) the other, heh, but what's a girl to do. So I used that. Not great but it works.

  2. Just call the white, snow, duh! (just kidding)

    These are great. I LOVE your cards.

  3. I like! Now I have to look in my paper stash