Holy Cow!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Paying it Forward...

I'm trying out a new group on Facebook called "Card Swaps for Card Addicts" that matches you to a partner once a month and you swap that months "themed" card.  Before I was matched up with my partner however, I received a "Pay it Forward" card from a women in the group.   The idea is that once I receive the card from her, I post it, people like and comment and I pick two "winners" to continue the game.  These are the two cards I made to send to my two winners.  I was very pleased with them as they're using up the flowers I make from
the Mixed Media monoprints that I enjoy doing...

I was so pleased with the "Pay it Forward" idea that I introduced it to Seongsook's Stampers.  This is SOOOOO fun that I can only hope I will be picked again to play the "Pay it Forward" game.  What a fun, fun, concept... :)


  1. These are such great cards. I hope I get picked too.