Holy Cow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


There is a card I make that I've used as my sympathy card for the past five years.  However, recently, I found myself in a position to have to send a second sympathy card to the same family.  It made me realize that I need a back-up sympathy card...
I CASE'd this off something I saw on Pinterest.  It was relatively simple to do until I got to the beads.  Yowza!  The number of beads I needed (72 btw) made me make an emergency trip to Michaels because I ran out of this size... who'd a thunk it!
The diamonds were created by using my score board.  IF I make this again, I'll pay more attention to how many cross points there are...  LOL


  1. This is so lovely. And the family that gets it will appreciate it so much. Probably later when they get over some of the pain for the reason. Ya done good.