Holy Cow!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy birthday cake...

Today is the Zack attack's birthday!!!  Woot, woot!!  He's twenty years old!  How is that possible?!!  I'm only twenty-nine... :)  And even though these cards were not given to the Zack attack, I felt there should be a blog post on his birthday.  AND, I'm scheduling it to go live at the same hour he was born.  Did you know Zack was born ON Patriot's Day?  In Boston?   A true Bostonian, just like his mama.   Happy birthday Zack!  I'm hoping you enjoy the card you did get...
I actually made these cards (plus two others like it) when I had a crafting weekend with friends at my home back in January.  Kim and I stayed up 'til an un-Godly hour cranking out card after card.  At the time I made these, I swore I'd never make any more.  There were SO MANY little pieces and lots of different steps.  However, bringing a big smile to a friend's (or relative's) face on their birthday, was worth all the extra time.  I waited so long to post these because I wanted the recipient's to get their card BEFORE they saw it on my blog... :)


  1. And there are only 11 candles on that cake. I hope Zach's at least had the right number of candles. (snicker) Super card, girlfriend!

    1. Yeah but, you can't see the OTHER side of the cake. That's where the REST are... :)

  2. Fabulous!! You can make these awesome cards with scraps. Duh, I'm saying that to the queen of Scrappy Craftiness?? lol :)