Holy Cow!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's as lovely as a tree... it's Autumn!

I wasn't so sure about this but boy, has it grown on me!  I absolutely LOVE it...
Using my MISTI, I was able to stamp two different stamps from the Stampin' Up "Sheltering Tree" set in several colors to achieve the look of a real tree in Autumn.  The colors of Autumn are so warm and inviting.  And on this 4th day of November, where the temperature here in New Jersey will reach an uncanny 72°, let's all celebrate before we start complaining again... LOL


  1. This is so lovely Cindy. I just want to climb into the picture and go for a swing.

  2. Gorgeous card, too bad those pretty fall colors don't last a little longer. We had some really high winds plus 4 inches of heavy rain and that took care of our leaves . Our temps have been warmer than normal so can't complain about that, just not 72 any more.

  3. What a stunning Fall card. I wish I would have bought this set too and I have seen so very many beautiful cards done with it. Great job Cindy and enjoy this great weather. I am sure it won't last long.

  4. A most stunning example of natures work

  5. I love this stamp set, too! I had not been making cards very long when I decided to contact a Stampin' Up gal and put in an order. I didn't use this stamp as much as I wanted to, and this fall came and went so quickly!! Going to put a reminder in for the spring because it's a gorgeous set. I love your tree with all the warm colors!

    1. Yes, I love the warm colors too. They are very appealing! But, you're right, a Spring tree would be great too. It would look very refreshing, especially after we had had a bitter winter...