Holy Cow!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Guess what day it is!!!

The Ernman likes me to make Christmas cards for all his office peers out in Ohio. BUT, he wishes each to be different.  One of the guys, in a cubicle down the hall, always plays the Geico commercial every Wednesday, without fail, for everyone to hear.  It makes the Ernman over-the-top happy!!  Anyway, he wanted the card he gave him to bring him as much happiness as he passes on to Ernie. every Wednesday.  What do you think?  Won't he love this???
The camel and star are a Silhouette image.  The Santa hat was hand cut, as were the hills.  The sentiment was made on the computer (following Linda J's lead) and printed on the card stock.  And we can't forget the googly eye, recommended by Ernie's youngest, the Benjamin...