Holy Cow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Backgrounds using a Cereal box...

Another new technique for me was learning to make a background on a cereal box.  Wicked fun!  This was taught by fellow crafter Deb (this woman is an encyclopedia of cool techniques).  There are so many steps to this that I'm thinking it would make a PERFECT Scope, so be on the look-out...

It became quite the joke at Cozy that everything I used, everything I tried, belonged to Susan.  What can I say?  Susan has neat stuff.  The crazy birds and dies were hers.  The paste I used was hers.  The stencil I used was hers.  But HA!  the sentiments were Deb's... LOL

Isn't he a riot??
 And another guy (finished up 5-23-16)...


  1. These are terrific. I love everything about them. I want to come play with you guys. (I've never eaten any cereal that comes in boxes like that though...)

    1. I want you to come play with us too... :)

  2. Hi Cindy! This is cool... YES, do a scope. I'll save my cereal boxes that become empty. Where did Deb get those sentiments? I love them! And, I love the birds... should do some more of them soon. PS - I sent my deposit in for next year so (like it or not) you're gonna have another gal in the group! JJ

  3. I'll have to do a Cereal box backgrounds ahead of time because there are lots of steps but yes, a Scope is a great idea. The sentiments are part of the Crazy Bird grouping by Tim Holtz. There were about 20. Pretty fun! And OMG!! You're going to Cozy Crop!! I'm so excited! Hopefully, we'll actually meet LONG before that... :)

  4. Hey! There's my card 😂 Thanks so much Cindy. It is so cool! That one definitely has to go in my journal. I can't hold a candle to you talented lady!

  5. Love the birds! I will have to look into them. Your backgrounds are great! TFS