Holy Cow!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

♪♫ Christmas Cards, OH Christmas Cards ♪♫

 So, yesterday started out with no MOJO.  It was an amazing beautiful day and I was sooo sad to be wasting it and being unproductive.  I wasn't giving myself the freedom to grieve my friend who had passed away last Sunday from ALS.  After talking with her son, and laughing over some "Toni-isms", I found my MOJO and was able to create again.  These are for you Toni... :)
 Both of these cards were CASED from cards I found on Pinterest.  Using what I had and thinking I could do this without instructions, they came out great!!  The hand drawn smile looks like he's got wicked thoughts going thru his head.  I made four of these and they all have the crooked smile...
Incredibly simple, but elegant.  I made four of these.  Now, June is in the books with EIGHT cards made fulfilling my monthly challenge... yay!!


  1. Love these! The snowman is so cute! I love my bird punch...it seems to be my go to lately. Great job. 💗

  2. I love these. I have a crooked smile too! (As a result of a car accident when I was 17....NOT my fault!)

    Heart hugs as you remember your friend Toni. <3

  3. Hi Cindy, I said this on FB, but will again - I was sorry to hear about your friend. It was great that you had a chance to talk to family, probably cheered him up, too. So you got your Christmas cards done and extra to boot! Good for you. Looking forward to seeing you in July!!!