Holy Cow!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Stamp Camp with friends...

I was invited to spend a couple days with friends at what they call STAMP CAMP. It was really, really quite fun! With all the crafting, cutting and coloring that went on, it surely counts as days 19th thru the 22nd in the Coloring Challenge...

These cards were made by the woman to whose home we were invited, Carole. She is amazingly talented and a perfect hostess. We wanted for nothing... :)
These creations were made by Elly, sister-in-law to our hostess. The little bunnies made with Reese's peanut butter cups and M&M's were very creative. She also had celebrated a birthday a few days before, so included on her shelve (in the second picture) are cards she received. They are the first three on the left. The rest were what she created. LOTS of stamping on these gems..

 These are Susan Moll's creations, sister to the hostess and the one who invited me to join her and her family. She has some incredible stamps and dies and a good eye for composition. The card on the far right was her first attempt at Scrappy Backgrounds. I think she nailed it...

And these were mine...

 I had made a kit of this card and spent time working on it first. Over the past seven years, I've probably made over a hundred of these... mostly for Operation Write Home. When done, I had eleven completed. Since 90% of my cards are sent to friends and family, I'm stumbling over who the heck I would send this to now. What was I thinking?!! Ou vey...

This was a kit I purchased at last years Scrapbook Expo from Krazy Kreations. When finished, I had three. I LOVE this card and I know at least one will go to the Ernman...
This was from a class I took at Scrapbook Expo that I hadn't completed. When done, I had two...
After all "kits" were done, I started working on things from my stash. I had received a # of these dresses from someone (can't remember who anymore but probably a swap). I didn't know what to do with them so they've floated around my Studio for a LONG time. Navigating Pinterest, I saw someone had cut them into pieces to make little sweaters and slips. I had a blast with this. It brought me back to my childhood when I CONSTANTLY played with and made paper dolls... WICKED fun! When finished, I had four...
Still working with my stash, I took completed backgrounds from previous projects and borrowed Carole's heart die. This is a technique I learned in the Catherine Pooler class but wasn't able to do because I didn't have ANY die that would work like this borrowed one. I centered the die on the white paper and cut. It was then placed over the background and the lacey heart piece was inlaid. THESE came out fabulous! Backgrounds used were water colored, Color Burst and Saran Wrap, Mod Podged napkins, and just plain red paper. What a fantastic way to use up those backgrounds that you just don't know with what to do. I made six of these...
This card used up an unused tag, Gelli plate monoprint on deli-paper AND a sentiment I ran thru the Ernman's XL Xyron machine which turned it into a sticker. So, you can ask me WHY the Ernman owns an XL Xyron machine but I would never be able to tell you, so don't ask... ;)
I knew I was very low on birthday cards so made four of these for my stash. I had made this a number of times, in the past, for Operation Write Home and it was fun to do again. I borrowed Susan's stitched STAR die and really, really like the look. And while I was borrowing it, I cut several more for future cards...
 For this, I CASEed a card I saw in the current Stampin' Up Catalog (page 47). The stamp set and die is owned by Susan. I borrowed the paper too, which is called Melon Mambo. I made four of these. I added some bling and in person, it DEFINITELY looks like a Valentine. I didn't think so when I saw it in the catalog. Now, it'll have to sit in my stash until next February. I did however, send one to Susan to thank her for inviting me to her family's STAMP CAMP.

I came home with thirty-five completed cards... YAY!


  1. Awwww .... Cindy! It was our pleasure to have you at Stamp Camp! It really was a lot of fun! I can't figure out why I never get a lot of cards done .... haha! I spend too much time watching everyone else!!
    Can't wait until we do it again!!!

    1. Me too!! Let's schedule and start counting sleeps... :)

  2. Looks like you've been playing with a fabulous group, love all the pretty cards you made.

    1. It was very inspiring! We laughed, we cried, we crafted...

  3. Oh Cindy, you cards are darling. I love what you did with the hearts. It is always so fun to finish up projects that you had laying around. You stamp camp looks so darn fun. I wish we had something like that around here. You girls made some amazing cards.

    1. Stupid phone, should say your instead of you!

    2. Yes indeedy! I wonder what YOU AND I will accomplish next week... ;)