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Saturday, July 15, 2017

JUNKIE Fest 2017...

Shamefully, I've  been back from Junkie Fest for three weeks and haven't finished this blog post... my bad! This was an event sponsored by the Facebook page, "Stamp Junkies" and hosted by Gina K Designs in Greendale, WI at Gina K's brick and mortar, Village Paper and Ink on June 23rd and 24th. I drove from New Jersey, picked up Sherry in Ohio and continued on to Wisconsin. Can you say "ROAD TRIP?!!"...
 This was the FIRST surprise we received Thursday night at the hotel that the majority of us were staying. I was BLOWN... AWAY!!! The bag, the mug and button were to us, from the ADMINS of the "Stamp Junkies" group. The bag itself was STUFFED with not yet released stamps from Gina K Designs (ALL have since been released). All four classes we took, Friday and Saturday, used these stamps.
We received other goodies from various retailers too. Glue from Brutus Monroe, sequins from Pretty Pink Posh (our table divided them all between us and put into ONE little bag. Don't think for ONE MINUTE that OCD me won't be separating all that), Foils and another canvas bag from Therm-o-web and a paper pad from RINA K Designs (Gina's daughter). Now, understand, there is really NO Rina K Designs. It was a WELL PLAYED comedy routine between Gina and her daughter...

Each night, there were door prizes back at the hotel. I was again BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER when I won this "Not Yet Released" bag for my MISTI. And are you ready for this???? Presented to me by the creator of the MISTI, Iliana Myska. She was a surprise guest at our event. Before the weekend was out, I had her sign my MISTI...
Of course, along with all the freebies, I dropped a few bucks in Gina's store! I still haven't cracked most of this open yet but, I'm still overjoyed at all the friendships I made, the techniques I learned and rubbing elbows with Gina K herself. I was TRULY star struck!
Isn't she the cutest thing?!! I LOVED hanging with her for three days...


  1. It was the trip of a lifetime. Way beyond my expectations and so happy that I got to share it with you!

  2. Great recap of the weekend! It was truly a memorable trip and I'm so happy to have made some new crafty friends in the flesh! And yes - hugging Gina was a highlight for sure!

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you ladies, you were so much fun to have there. Hugs to you! 💖

  4. It was a trip of a lifetime! Thank you for sharing yourself! I really enjoyed meeting you! Hugs <3

  5. I can't wait to SEE all your goodies & can only imagine how much fun the entire trip must have been! I wish I didn't already have plans or I'd have been there, too! GinaK is my idol!!
    Glad you got to go!! ❤️

  6. Meeting you and Sherri and hang out with you ladies made the trip even more enjoyable. But I have t
    to say for me the highlight was meeting Gina. I have followed her for a very long time and learned so much from her. I was truly blown away by all the goodies we received, the caring and special admin ladies I met, but the cream on the top was meeting and talking to Iliana, the creator of the Misti. I sure wish I had thought to have her sign my Misti. It was a fantastic time and I sure hope to meet up with you and Sherri again.

    1. I'm STILL in awe... everything we received, everything we learned, everything we did! Meeting you, having "custard", OMG! custard! Wasn't that da bomb?!!

  7. Wow, how did I not know about this event and I live in Wisconsin. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. This was truly a fabulous experience and one I will cherish forever! It was my pleasure to meet you and all the other Junkies that weekend! <3 I do hope our paths cross again soon! :) <3 (((Hugs))) Karen

  9. I miss you!!! That weekend was SO Much fun.

  10. What a haul and what a fabulous trip. I am so envious! You and Gina K are SO cute.

  11. Lovely recap!!! Miss you all!! Best time ever!!!