Holy Cow!

Friday, January 20, 2012



The first card is one I purchased in a "kit".  The second and third are my CAS of it.  Although they could be Valentine's cards, they serve their purpose with OWH as "Love" cards...


  1. Your cards turned out lovely Cindy, perfect for Operation Write Home!

  2. I love the picture window template you used for your blog. Very nice having cards side by side. I also like the white background, it makes your cards pop. I am not crazy about the script you are using. I find I have to slow down to read it. Of course, that is just my old eyes. All in all, I think you have a very attractive blog. I don't know why it is driving you crazy

    Fun cards you have made, very colorful

  3. Really pretty cards! I love the middle one the most.

    I agree with the comment above though, the script is really hard to read in your blog post but it looks cute in the links! Keep blogging, it just takes some getting used to =]

  4. Love the cards. Yours look so much nicer than the kit one.

    1. Thank-you Margaret... but their "machine" sewing is way better than mine! ...lol It's been so long since I sewed that I don't navigate the corners very well. Thanks for taking a look...

  5. The patterns and textures on your cards are yummy! Thanks for sharing and welcome to blogging!