Holy Cow!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stars and Stamps Challenge...

There is a challenge going on with fellow card-makers at OWH to use ALL of the sketches that have been made (to date there are 112).  This is #1... gotta start somewhere!!  AND it's perfect for my mission to make one thousand "Any Hero" cards.  I could make LOTS of these in a relatively short amount of time... :)




  1. #1 is always a good place to start! Good for your and your goal . . . I'm sure you'll complete it sooner than you think. :-)

    1. Wow Barb! I was quite surprised to find you here! Woo hoo!! It's a BIG mission but the gratification I'm getting from it is quite fulfilling. My first shipment of them to OWH will be this weekend... only 75 of the 710 we received. We chose these 75 because they are dated, ie: either with the actual date, or dated in the subject, ie: spring, winter, sports and college. I want them to get out to the field as soon as possible...