Holy Cow!

Friday, July 20, 2012

THIS is why...

So, I head down to the mailbox today and discover this...

I haven't ever needed confirmation on why I make cards for Operation Write Home and send "Any Hero" letters to our soldiers overseas but let me tell you the swelling in my heart when I read this note!  It was completely overwhelming!  And, THIS is why...

I don't know who made this card but let me tell you the joy it brought ME to receive this handmade card in the mail.  Whoever you are... thank-you!   


  1. oh gosh, now I'm tearing up. Great sentiments. Nothing better than a reciprocal thank you. You are doing great things, as are our heroes.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I'm still stunned... :)

  2. Awww. Even when you know you're doing something important, a little extra recognition goes a long way toward encouraging you to continue. Keep up the great work for our heroes. I'll be anxious to hear how things go in the new school year if you continue to collect letters at the high school. :)

  3. Oh Cindy, how awesome! :) It makes all the card making and all the stash in your your craft room worth the while. I have been emailing back and forth the soldier that got my any hero card and it is such a rewarding experience!!!!! Keep up the great work that you are doing for the heroes that are fighting for our country!!! Love you, girlfriend!!!!