Holy Cow!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You send me soaring...

I tried doing this card yesterday and it was sending me into orbit (get it... kite... orbit... geez I crack myself up!).  Anyway, first I couldn't find the tutorial anywhere.  And I'm not the best navigator of the internet.  So, I posted a request on the OWH facebook page and it didn't take long for someone to respond.  It was part of the Scrap Wrangler video... duh!  Second, I didn't have a scoring board so when I folded to make the lines, they weren't straight which caused their own headaches.  Third, my paper cutter is in desperate need of sharpening... again.  So, after tossing yucky kites all over the room last night, I gave up until today.  First thing I did this morning was buy a scoring board by Martha Stewart from Michaels with my 50% off coupon... yeah!!  I also purchased some colorful papers that seem kid friendly to me.  And tomorrow, on my way out of town, I'll drop off my cutter to be sharpened.  It's amazing what a new day can do for you... :)



  1. Cindy, I LOVE it! Great job and the bright colored papers add a lot!!

  2. Cindy what a sweet card! Love, love, love the picket fence.

  3. Amazing Card. Especially love the clouds

    1. Ernie Rapson!! How'd you get here... lol. Thanks baby, I'll show you "later" how I did the clouds...

  4. Great job - and it looks super with the fence too!

  5. I am with Ernie, your clouds are awesome. Love the card!!!

  6. Great fence punch gives the kite context and makes it really soar. Thanks for playing along this month!