Holy Cow!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unbelievable Gift Bag...

This weekend Zack and I played host to one of his friends and her mom from Connecticut.  They brought a gift bag from Treasured Moments, an LSS near where they live.  I was stunned!  She had the owner take a look at my blog to get a "feel" for my style.  She then compiled these kits which include things like cardstock, 6" x 6" pads, ribbons, brads, stickers, embellishments, rub-ons and envelopes.  To say I was overwhelmed would be a grave understatement!  Thank you SO much Heather and Brittany...


  1. How thoughtful! And what a great way to get to know you - through your blog! Clever!
    Treasured Moments looks like a wonderful place to go. Happy Hour parties and lots of other fun classes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Maybe we should crash them together my next trip through Connecticut... and we'll bring the wine! ...lol

  2. How thoughtful of your guests. They could not have brought a better gift had they tried. Awesome stuff. Cannot wait to see what you make from all of it.