Holy Cow!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom...

I loved how happy this card looked when I was making it for my Mom's 80th birthday (which is today, btw) that I decided to make a number of them as back up birthday cards for my own stash.  I made them over the weekend and got her's in the mail on Monday.  Of course, I couldn't do this Blog post until after she had received hers... just in case she ever looks in on my work.  I have a few displayed in my studio and everytime I look up at them, they make me smile.
I was watching an episode of Dr. Oz this past week and they did a segment on the color yellow and why it makes us smile.  I thought it was fortuitous that I had made these yellow cards and the color Dr. Oz chose to highlight, was yellow.  Btw, the reason yellow makes us happy is because we relate it to the sun and light, when we are less fearful...


  1. I love this cheerful card. We should use more yellow

  2. What a fun card! It is so cheerful, it makes a person smile.

  3. Terrific card! So bright and sunny..... I will have to keep this in mind for a CASE!

  4. How fun this card is! Love how you accented the middle box. It is those little things that really make a cad pop. Lori