Holy Cow!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My five for January...

I think my camera is about ready to check-out.  These pictures are so out of focus to me.  I need a new camera, right?!!  I'll just tell my husband you all said so... :)
I was CASEing the lower card from one I saw on Pinterest (see here).  The card on Pinterest had been sewn on top but when I went to do that, the bobbin got stuck.  Now the machine needs to see a doctor.  Boo hoo!! I tried faux stitching with a white pen (middle one) but my white pens don't work.  Whad up?!!  They're new!!  I also didn't have enough to make five so I rummaged thru my Christmas box and found enough leftovers from last years package cards to fulfill the challenge... woo hoo!  
Well, at least something went right... 


  1. These are wonderful.. I have white gel pens and I don't think they have ever worked! haha.

    thanks for sharing.

    blessings ~ Pam