Holy Cow!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finally, Wedding Cards I can write home about...

First, thank you to those that helped me get un-stuck over on Facebook.  I felt overwhelmed!  I really wanted to throw in the towel and head to Hallmark...
It was Jill that said, "think 'love' not 'wedding' when searching Pinterest".  Duh... what a difference THAT made!  It was Kathryn who said "pull out some papers in their wedding colors" so I put Ernie on a mission to find out what they were (the groom who is getting married Saturday was OUR best man last June).  Ronni and Pam mentioned white on white and Sandy pointed me in the direction of the white on white challenge on the OWH Blog. 
Ann said, "eat chocolate".  Ellen said, "walk away".  Sherry said, "keep it simple".  Lisa said, "keep trying".  Joanne and Cherie said "don't put so much pressure on yourself".
But the funniest was from Cindy when she said, "go to the store, look thru the cards.  Find a couple that get you thinking creatively.  Start giving it the critical eye.  Finally, flip it over and shriek, 'Are you kidding me?!!'"  I must have laughed for an hour...
 So, here's the results.  For the white on white, I've always loved that look but when I try it, I always want to add color. I was determined to stay on task... not bad, eh?
And the card in their wedding colors... came out stunning!  The card just before this final was 90% done when I smudged the ink... ou vey!  I had to just go to bed at that point...
The great thing is, I need both cards for this wedding.  Tom (the groom) worked for our company for over three years and the company is giving him a gift as well.
So, thank you again for getting me un-stuck.  We have two more weddings to go to this year and I bet I won't get stuck again...


  1. Well done, Cindy! It's wonderful to see you were able to make such lovely cards and get unstuck. I'm definitely a fan of the one on the right, but that's just my love of color. They'll both be cherished, I'm sure!

  2. Wow!! Cindy, these are absolutely gorgeous cards!! I am so glad you didn't resort to Hallmark!! ;)

  3. They are both gorgeous! I would have problems with white on white too, but your card is fantastic! I love the way you embossed the hearts and butterflies.