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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inspiration Challenge...

 Colleen gave us a challenge this weekend on Seongsook's Stampers to create an inspirational card for someone who could use some encouragement.  This first card, I was trying to keep with fall colors.  I used three different Marvy pens on the sentiment and then huffed on it to make the ink "wet" again before stamping.  I know someone I would really, really like to send this to... but I don't have her address.
This second card is the good ol' Starburst that I've taken completely circular.  I think the paper with the black printing in the lower left is a little too out of place in this card (didn't look that way until I photographed it).  Next time, I'll skip that piece... :)
So, here are two submissions for the challenge... time for more?  Who knows...

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