Holy Cow!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scrappy Backgrounds...

Last night I had a special request for one of my Scrappy Backgrounds.  I whipped it out pretty darn quick and got it in the mail...
This morning (5am btw), I see all the scraps still on my craft table and they were just screaming to get used.  I forgot how much I LOVE doing these.  In three hours, I had these all made, cut, layered and put on card bases.  All but the sentiments... they were a struggle.
You see, I have a little box of already stamped sentiments and I was DETERMINED to use only from that box.  Now, that wouldn't really be a problem if these cards were going to Operation Write Home.  There are plenty of missing you, thinking of you, thank you and happy birthday.  However, I want to use these personally and there just aren't alot of people to whom I wish to say I'm missing you, thinking of you, thank you or happy birthday.


  1. I always love your scrappy backgrounds and you must have a secret to getting so many done so quickly. How do you adhere the strips to the base? I must be doing something wrong cuz I am not nearly as fast as you are. LOL!

    1. I guess there IS a strategy but I think you'd just have to come see it in person to understand... nudge, nudge.

    2. Well, there IS a rumor going round that I will be heading for Florida late next month......... wink, wink. :)

  2. Love the scrappy backgrounds! And I agree with you on it being harder to use traditional OWH type sentiments for our personal use. I am having the same issue.....