Holy Cow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's a SNOWMAN... can it count as Christmas?

 This card was kicking my butt yesterday. Not because it was complicated but because I'm HORRIBLE at math and had to cut several frames on my Silhouette until I got it right... grrr. Where the heck is the Ernman when you need him? I also had trouble with embossing the sentiment. When I did it directly on the cardstock like the bottom middle, the word "warmest" seemed smished. So, I redid it on the white strip and that was better...
The image was sent to me by my friend Sherry. I colored it at Susan's with Copics last week.  It must not have been Copic friendly paper as I had some bleeding at the ruffles of his scarf.  HOWEVER, it looks like I planned that, right?!! Ok, I'm going with it... don't you just LOVE how I feathered the edges of his scarf? Radical Chuck!! I added some bling and I'm calling it my FIVE for February Christmas cards...


  1. Absolutely charming. And I like the feathery look of the scarf fringe. It's fiber, after all. It does look better, I think, on the matted white strip...easier to read. I LOVE the frame. I think you have a winner. oxox