Holy Cow!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hexagon Die...

I received a Stampin' Up order last weekend with this lovely Hexagon Die in it.  It took 'til this weekend to crack it open.  The first paper I used was ripping as I took it out of the die but I salvaged it by cutting away the ripped part and placing it on top of this yellow one.  Here's a tip for those who don't know (or those who forget easy... like me):  Use wax paper between the die and your paper and it helps the piece come out of the die easier.
I'll have to play with this a little more and see what other cards I can make with it... 


  1. This is a great die and a lovely card. How did you adhere it to the back cardstock?

    1. Oops, should have said. The whole hexagon piece has dimensionals on the back (ALOT of dimensionals) to have it appeared raised...

  2. Very lovely. I like how you used two different papers and layered them. I also like how the whole thing is attached to card stock.

  3. Love your card and I really love that Hexagon die!!