Holy Cow!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look what I found...

I've been methodically going thru things in my studio to purge items I've had for years and are no longer interested in using.  The items will be for sale at a "Yard Sale" out in PA in May.  I came across a notebook I started when I first became interested in Cardmaking (now 4 years ago).  In it was a sheet of directions my friend (and mentor) Barb in California had sent me to make this card.  She also loaned me the stamp set (Stampin' Up's "Two-Step Stampin' Simple Sketches"... don't even get me started on why it's called TWO step when it is CLEARLY three).  I later purchased the set from her, dirt cheap!  And NO, this is NOT a set that will go in the Yard Sale.  Finding the notebook (propped in the background) just made me want to make these again... so I did!  And ta da!, it fits in the April Our Daily Bread Designs Challenge, woot, woot!  It's been months and months since I've done an ODBD Challenge.  I feel industrious... :)


  1. Love the color combination. It is indeed fun to play with toys that have been ignored. Glad you found your sample as these are so nice

  2. What a find...don't you love finding old favorites? Great cards and have fun at the yard sale.