Holy Cow!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today's cards...

Thanks to Wuzya, I've been up since 4:30am.  THAT was when she wanted to be petted... grrrrr!  Since I couldn't get back to sleep, I made a cup of coffee and headed to the studio.  Here's my first creation of the day.  Every piece here is from the scrap pile... yay!  Even the flowers are leftover stickers from another card I made last month.

More scraps AND a leftover sticker from a set I received in the Project Life classes I took last year.  This "one of a kind" will go to my own dad.  I'm happy to use up stuff but the card itself isn't really "singing" to me.  I'm just not as good designing as I am at CASEing... :)
After lunch, when my personal life got nutty, I pulled out these to work on.  Each cake on each card is watercolored and each circle is hand selected with another circle on top of it, also hand selected.  For some reason, this activity is very, very calming for me.  I've completed eight cards and have five more to finish up.  I wanted to get the picture taken before we run out of daylight... :)
So, this is the extent of what I'll do today.  Fifteen cards... wow!  I'm pleased.  I won't be back in the studio the next few days as it's time to go do my real job... :(


  1. Great job! I will be casing your Father's Day card as a sketch. I love the various shapes and how they are put together.

    1. Well, that's wicked cool! I wasn't that thrilled with it originally but the more I look at it sitting up on the shelf, the more I like it. Can't wait to see YOUR interpretation of what I did... :)