Holy Cow!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

SO, what did I do with them?

I'm talking about all those "Any Hero" fronts I made for the OWH Bloghop...
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This was the process used with the students in Zack's Communication class at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University just before the semester ended this year.  Each student who was "persuaded" (LOL), took one of these.  Back when we were doing this for the high school two years ago, my husband (then fiancé) took the suggested "Coloring pages for older kids" sheet off the OWH website and shrunk it down so we got four to a page.  Now, he's updated it to include a "landscape" layout for those cards I make that are landscape...

 Zack brought back to me all these notes...
 I trimmed them, stamped my email and colored them in...
Then I adhered them to the backs of the fronts I had made...
"Backs of the fronts", isn't that a riot?  Anyway, yes, it is alot of work but to me it is worth every second I spend on the whole process.  Some of these will be around forever and I want the appreciation of the students and myself to always be evident for our Heroes' sacrifice...


  1. What an awesome idea to shrink the pages to A2 size. This is perfect for older kids to write AnyHero notes. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  2. That idea might make adults more willing to complete an Any Hero letter.

    1. Oh, good point! Sure works for me... :)

  3. Just genius! I love this idea. I have written on the backs of a lot of postcards for Any Hero mail, but this is a super idea. I really like the one with the USA on the stars too. Gonna CASE that for sure.

  4. Great idea! I always print two to a page for my middle school students; it's less intimidating for them than a whole sheet of paper. Glad to see Zack's still getting the AnyHero message out, even in his new environment! :)