Holy Cow!

Friday, May 30, 2014

My five for May...

HA!  I bet you thought I'd forget since my month started out so insane BUT here are my five Christmas cards for May.  It was hard to break away to do these since I've been on such a roll to fill my current OWH box (77 cards and 26 Any Hero as of last night).  BUT, Sandy's not even IN Seattle right now (just her elves) so what's the rush?!!
Anyway, I used the cutting formula I learned on the Blog Hop (original post HERE with the link to the formula).  As you can see, there are FIVE cards, not four.  That's because I don't use that 8.5" x 5.5" piece as my whole card base.  I cut it in half and have TWO fronts which I later put on card bases.  SO, I used those four extra pieces to create a fifth card, thus fulfilling my challenge obligation of five Christmas cards a month.  And all in the nick of time... get it, "Nick" of time (you know, St. Nick, nick of time).  Ok, ok, ok, so it was cheap humor.  But you smiled...  :)


  1. I got it...Nick of time...I am sooooooooo far behind but now I just might get myself caught up...don't be surprised if you see CASE'd pics of your cards...they are so good!!!

  2. This is great and I've been meaning to try this formula. I LOVE the idea of making Christmas cards throughout the year because who likes to rush (like me usually) right after Thanksgiving and make a slug of Christmas cards that then have to be addressed and mailed. Yeah, sometimes my cards arrive after Christmas. (hangs head)

    Love your sense of humor. oxox

    Oh, and I love your cards too. TFS