Holy Cow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Any Hero cards...

I just made four of these pretty darn quick for the OWH Midweek Throwdown.  The challenge is to make an Any Hero card WITH a flag on it.  The stamp and sentiment are by A-muse Studio and the set is called "Let Freedom Ring"...
I wrote and colored 23 Any Hero notes a week and a half ago while with the Taxman (we were there for over six hours but came out unscathed).  I've slowly been making card fronts for them to add to my next box to OWH.  All my notes are the same in this batch which is why I wrote so many while with him... no thinking was involved.
 The starburst in the upper left is an odd size, which is okay for Any Hero mail... thank goodness.  The starburst in the upper right and lower left is where you leave a little of the background paper showing betweeen each burst.  Pretty darn cool effect!  I had seen something like it, a 12"x 12" version, and wanted to do it in my Project Life album.  It took my Math genius husband to explain to me what I was seeing.  After he explained it, my lightbulb went on...
Thank God for genius husbands... :)


  1. Love this card... it has such a rustic look and is sure to be treasured by one of our heroes. Great job!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. Love all of your paper pieced cards and the flag card is truly awesome! Great job on all of them!