Holy Cow!

Monday, December 17, 2012


I spent the morning cataloging my Tim Holtz Distress Inks onto this chart.  I LOVE this chart!  I found it here.  I printed it onto sturdy cardstock and began.  Starting with stamping the star on the appropriate square, cleaning off the stamp and then inking with the next color.  And since OCD me had to wash the stamp between each color so there would be no cross-contamination, it was time-consuming (but I did get my exercise between the bedroom and the bathroom...lol).  However, now that it's done, I only need to add when I have a new color.  And being the visual person I am, I LOVE seeing the colors in front of me.  Isn't it eye-catching?
Update:  Those of you looking for the label link, It is here. 


  1. Nice! I should upload a pic - I started putting labels on the sides of my TH ink pads, so I can stack them but still see which color is where. GENIUS ideas, right?? And you need to get some baby wipes for your crafting space. :)

    1. Holy cow! What a difference a day makes! I got some baby wipes for the table and it took me NO TIME to get the labelling on the sides of the ink pads and the "cheat" labels I made to take to the store (you know, so I don't buy the same ink pad AGAIN... lol). BUT... so much for exercise! :)

  2. Oh you can still fit in the exercise. :) Tuck jumps? Jumping jacks? A few pushups between cards? :)