Holy Cow!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quilted Card...

I was pretty excited about my productivity last night and today.  I followed a tutorial that I found on Pinterest (see here) and I created sixteen of these.  They are not however, all finished.  About eight still need the button and hat pin added but I'm on my way to New Jersey again tomorrow and won't have time to finish them until I return.  Of course, the picture (taken with my cell phone because my camera is still in Jersey) just doesn't do them justice...

I also made six Rainbow Candle Birthday cards, Sloppy Joes for Jersey (since there's no kitchen) and another rum cake to give as a gift tomorrow night... whew!  I'm tired!


  1. Love them Cindy. How pretty! Did you use the postage stamp punch on them? I really like your color choices too!

    1. The punch is a 1" square scalloped punch made by Fiskars. When I put the punched squares right up next to each other, it gives the illusion of a postage stamp. I discovered that quite by accident. However, because the stamp is square and not rectangle it did make my final product a little smaller than a standard A2. So, I just lopped a little off the side and you can barely tell...

  2. Omigosh these are so pretty. Loooove the colors and the edges. You really outdid yourself! Way to go!

  3. Cindy, they are gorgeous! Beautiful colors!