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Monday, December 31, 2012

The year in review...

I made 514 handmade cards for OWH
With help I sent 710 Any Hero notes from the students at MHS
I wrote 10 personal Any Hero notes
Total to OWH 1234

My first ever blog post was 1-14-12 (the blog was a Christmas gift last year), my last post was 12-31-12 (this one).  There were 75 posts.  I've had a total of 6116 views.  I have 23 followers, I follow 27...
I've taken 2 online classes, Creative Chemistry and Kickstart.  I've taken 4 classes at my LSS including a Brayering Class in NJ with Susan and Linda.  The 3 at Absolutely Everything were Spring and Die Cuts in March, Northwoods Stamps and Copics in May and Glitter Christmas and Copics in December.

Here's the tally of Christmas cards made that WAS on my side bar
2012 Challenge: Make 5
Christmas Cards per month

March - 6 Yay!
April - 9
May - 5
June - 11
July - 6
August - 7 Just barely!
September - 16
October - 26


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