Holy Cow!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My five for June...

Turned into EIGHT!!  Doing the happy dance!  AND, it's June 1st!  Woo hoo!!

An up close and personal look.  I love how this came out!  This may very well be our personal Christmas card this year.  In person, it's so elegant and crisp...
And now to verbalize my personal challenge for the month of June...
 I, Cindy, pledge to make 50 to 100 cards in this month of June WITHOUT purchasing a single item.  I will use ONLY what already exists in my Studio.  So, I leave it to you, my audience, to hold me to it... :)


  1. oh my goodness these are GREAT!!! You really are on top of the game this month!! I really like these.
    Your pledge is something I need to copy and paste and CASE and vow for myself. Perhaps I will join you!
    I will make 50 to 100 cards with only what I already have!! (really glad I bought stamps from Pam yesterday :) )

  2. Your cards are fabulous! Love those candles and the triple matting. I'll hold you to your challenge because I just made that resolution myself (no buying for 30 days) after blowing the budget on MORE paper - it's masculine - that's my excuse anyway!