Holy Cow!

Monday, June 23, 2014

By jove, it's masculine...

 Six more towards my personal goal, all before lunch!  This is setting up to be another productive day...  Woo hoo!!
These patterned papers I've had for ions with no clue what I intended to do with them.  Ever since I did OWH Sketch #218 (see HERE) on two previous cards, this clock paper has been
begging to be used.  I like this sketch alot because it is a way to showcase a large pattern print.  I picked a couple other patterned papers I felt "worked" and went at it... and by jove!, it's a masculine card!
SOOO, I've reached my goal to make between 50 - 100 cards in the month of June using ONLY what I have in my studio.  I am now at 54.  However, there are four more days that I can, if I choose, spend solely in my studio.  I don't think I'll make 100 but I think I can get pretty deep into the next 50... so, let's go!!

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  1. Wow! I love these cards! They are so strong and striking. I will have to check out that sketch and dig through to see if I have any large print paper that would work for this. Great job! :)