Holy Cow!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This is it...

I've made so many of these vertical Starburst this past week that I think I could do them in my sleep.  Which prompted THIS card.  I made rainbow combos, red combos and then blue combos.  Then as I headed to bed last night I said to myself, "Self... if you do these in browns AND add a miss you sentiment, you'll have a double whammy in your next OWH box.  Masculine AND miss you... so perfect!"
So, this is probably the last day in my studio for the month of June as I head to Massachusetts in the morning to take Copic classes with the incomparable Sandy Allnock of Operation Write Home.  Can we all give a collective "Woo hoo!!"?  I know, right?!!  This is a WICKED PISSAH!!  I'm so excited I can hardly breathe...
So, this is it, in my goal to make between 50 - 100 cards in the month of June using ONLY what I have in my studio, I have reached 91.  I have never done this many in a month, not evah!  But what fun that was!  Now, I'll have a nice healthy box to ship, once I make the card fronts for the 23 Any Hero notes I wrote while with the taxman last Saturday.  I don't know if this'll ever happen again but I rode it while I could...


  1. These are just gorgeous. Just when I thought you had made everyone you could, you change colors and even though they are the same design, they all look so different and amazing. TFS. Have a fab time with Sandy. Wish I could be there!

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal. And all of the cards are nice and not "sneeze". I've taken a couple of classes with Sandy and you'll thoroughly enjoy them. From Laura Pervier

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment --- I still have a LOT to do before I get my images into cards and I feel tired too....but I only had a forty minute ride home...unlike YOU! Yikes!! Hope it was a good one and before I forget -- this link will take you to the Color Charts on Copic's Website! I printed them out on the same cardstock I color on, that way I can see exactly how they'll look when I color. I have a second one I use to keep track of the Refills, as I purchase them. I color in each square as I buy them. I did the same with my Copics, at first too!! It was great to see you again and thanks for being part of a really enjoyable weekend. REST and RELAX!!


    More charts can be found on Copics site --- Have FUN!!